Wednesday, March 5, 2014

M.Y. China

M.Y. China Chefs
Had lunch at Martin Yan’s M.Y. China in San Francisco’s old Emporium (now Westfield Mall) on Market Street. It was very high quality and tasty Chinese food. M.Y. is Martin Yan. Pretty witty.

Since Martin Yan is the owner, the restaurant certainly lives up to the standards of dining which the local Chinese restaurants have set. Everything from the chopsticks to the decor to the soda water to the classy service is well refined and gives off a sense of elegance. 

Dim Sum Collection
Lunch started with the M.Y. Dim Sum Collection which was very good and included six types of Dim Sum. There were 2 of each,  shiu mai, har gow, steamed bbq pork bao, sticky rice, seafood dumplings and farmer’s dumplings. The Dim Sum tasted very good and was the perfect amount.

Wild Boar Scissor Cut Noodles
We then moved onto the Wild Boar Scissor Cut Noodles which had bean sprouts, scallions, wood ear mushrooms and very rich Wild Boar. It was interesting to see the chef use scissors to cut the noodles off of a ball of dough behind the counter. It was avery good dish.

It might not be your typical Chinese restaurant, but the service is top notch. No hidden cost and the order delivered quickly. The scissor cut wild boar was very good. The place is quite spacious and you can carry a conversation quite easily.A good sign of the quality of the food was that there were many Chinese people happily eating Dim Sum and other dishes. We were seated next to a Chinese couple who were very happy with their food and their only complaint was ordering too much and they said it was very good Chinese food.

Highly recommended!

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