Thursday, April 30, 2015


Morimoto Napa
Had a Super lunch experience at Morimoto Napa. The Dining was everything expected of a true Master Iron Chef. Last time we had been to Morimoto’s it was his Wasabi Restaurant at the Taj Palace in Mumbai, India. Both places are very good in different ways, while there’s the grandeur of being at the Taj Palace for Wasabi, Napa Morimoto stood out with it’s larger size and beautiful location on the Napa River. The service is excellent, and occasionally the Iron Chef himself, Morimoto, does make an appearance.

Morimoto Napa is situated in the center of Main St. in the newer, downtown area of Napa. Had no problem finding a parking space in the free public garage across the street from Morimoto. Very convenient.

Toro Tartare
We started our meal at Morimoto’s with a glass of Champagne.Then we had Toro Tartare that came with wasabi, nori paste and sour cream as accompaniments. The toro was very impressive and each bite  of toro had a slightly different flavor based on what we put on it. As a palette cleanser a little plum is included. Nice touch. Also liked the Rice Crackers. 
Fresh Miso Soup with Morimoto Sake in the back

Lunch Set

We decided to go with the Lunch Set which was perfect. It started with the delicious fresh tofu miso soup. Then a tray was bought to each of us that included vegetable tempura with squid and a yuzu wasabi yogurt and hamachi and salmon sushi. The main course was Sea Urchin (Umi Urchi) Carbonara which was a very creative take on the regular Italian Carbonara. It was steaming hot and super tasty. We also had a couple of 10 oz carafes of Morimoto’s Junmai Daiginjo Sake. It had a melon and honeysuckle fragrance with a rich texture. It was so good.

Chocolate Bomb- Pre Melt

Chocolate Bomb- Melted
For dessert we had an incredible Chocolate Bomb that melted when hot chocolate syrup was pored over it. Quite good!

We both really liked Morimoto Napa and we can’t wait to get back there to experience more of the menu.

Highly recommended!  

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