Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Shanghai China

Hyatt on the Bund
After our quick day trip to Shenzhen we flew up to Shanghai on China Southern Airlines for a couple of days at Hyatt on the Bund to explore the area.

Club Floor Room

Pudong from the Room
The location of the Hyatt is just perfect. The hotel is at one end of the Bund and is over 30 stories high. We stayed in a Club River View room on a high floor. There were unobstructed panoramic views of the city on both sides of the Huangpu River. Pudong was beautiful across the river.

M at the Bund Terrace
The food at the Hyatt was quite good but we had a chance  to try a couple of really good restaurants on the Bund. One that really stood out was M on the Bund. Fantastic restaurant that specializes in dishes with a mixture of Middle Eastern and European flavor. M at the Bund is undoubtedly a high-end spot with superb views and a strikingly beautiful terrace.

Fish at Jishi
We also loved Jishi for true Shanghai food. It’s tiny and always crowded. Luckily, we had a Chinese friend who helped us through the menu. At Jishi we had all the standards and each dish was well prepared and delicious. Shanghai food is oily and heavy, so I don't recommend eating it everyday. I could eat Jishi's fish everyday though.

Walking along the River

Sitting Along the Bund

The Crowd Along the Huangpu
The Bund itself is fantastic to walk around and just take in the crowds of Chinese and western tourists. The  views of old time buildings and Pudong across the river are wonderful.

Down the Bund at Night from Room
The Bund is alongside Huangpu River. It once was the financial center of the Far East. It's been considered Shanghai's symbol since the 1920s. It is often referred to as “a museum of buildings”. Many different styles of European buildings can be found here. Now it is even more attractive as you can also see the modern skyscrapers of Pudong across the Huangpu River. The view gives you a strong contrast between modern life and the past.

Highly recommended!

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Shenzhen China

Shenzhen Marriott
After spending some time in Hong Kong we decided on a quick trip to Shenzhen and Shanghai before we caught our flights back to SFO. With our 10 year visas, since both cities are in mainland China, it was pretty easy to visit the PRC. 

Hotel Room
We were staying at the Four Seasons Hong Kong and the nice concierge got us a shuttle van straight through on the modern express way to Shenzhen. A lot of people take the ferry or train which takes 3-5 hours with long lines at the border. The great thing about the van is it only takes about an hour and you never have to get out to clear customs or show your visa. The driver takes care of it all. Cost about USD 250.00 and is well worth it.

Shenzhen is a major city in Guangdong Province. It’s immediately north of Hong Kong and the area has become one of China’s first and most successful Special Economic Zones. According to the Government report for 2014, Shenzhen had a population of 10,628,900 people in the city proper, and a metropolitan area population of over 18 million. A huge city.

Marriott Lobby
We had reservations at the new-ish JW Marriott in Bao’an in a new area being developed by the airport. The Marriott has a beautiful lobby and two restaurants both of which serve terrific food. The buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner offer outstanding broad selections of delicious food. The rooms are well appointed and very new and clean. The spa, pool, and exercise facilities are among the best we’ve seen at any hotel. 

Shenzhen Apartments
The Marriott staff is exceptionally friendly and helpful. Free fast wifi is included and the security is excellent. Not much to do near the hotel though, the area is a major construction zone now but eventually there will be a lot in this area.

Replica of Tibetan Lamasery
We were only in Shenzhen for one night so we only had time to see the city sights in a cab and also visit the Splendid China Park with its miniature Folk Culture Villages. It has all the attractions in China located in one place. The Great Wall, the Potala Palace, the Forbidden City, the Sun Yat Sen Memorial, and the original Three Gorges (before it was flooded by the dam). For a quick review of all the important sites in China, this is the place to see. It was fun and interesting.

Lamasery Main Alter
Pulling Taffy at The Chinese Cultural Center

Shenzhen is an interesting city to visit in China and we’ll probably go see it again when we’re in Hong Kong next time.

Highly recommended!

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