Saturday, November 14, 2009

I want everyone to know what a wonderful country Cambodia is. The citizens are friendly, the history is fantastic and the culture is warm and mesmerizing.

I lived there in 2008 and 2009 and worked as a volunteer in Battamambang and could not have had a better experience as an ex-pat anywhere. The friends I made will be life long. I know that when I return, how many years it will be, I will be welcomed and loved as if it was yesterday.

I met a wonderful young man who works as a guide there. He invited me to his wedding and at one point when he was speaking to his guests on stage at the reception I was standing witin his sight of vision. He looked at me and in front of the entire crowd of Cambodians said, " I want to thank my Auntie Tami for being here, she has always supported me and told me to follow my heart, I am so happy today because she is here." Wow what a wonderful thing to say.

He later told me that he was nervous addressing the crowd but when he looked up and saw me standing there and smiling it gave him confidence to speak and he felt the love that I was sending to him and his new life.

Yes it all sounds corny but as Americans we are full of love. Let's spread it around the world. Let us show that we are excepting of all cultures, races and religions. We thrive on learning new things, changing ideas, and evolution of our society.

America is truly the melting pot and it is every Americans obligation to hold up this ideal!

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