Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Aldo's Santa Cruz

Aldo’s, Santa Cruz Harbor is a nice place for a good breakfast or lunch. Service is terrific, and friendly. Parking fairly easy, bathrooms clean and spacious

It’s a classic laid-back Santa Cruz kind of place, with relaxed and friendly service. With that wonderful view, having a tasty breakfast or lunch & enjoying it with your dog, the feeling is wonderful and the food is good local, fresh seafood and more.
Local Rock Cod
It a great place. Guy Fieri thinks so. He did a complementary segment about Aldo’s on the Food Channel’s show, Drive ins, Diners and Dives. Guy seems to think the cioppino is the best, but I say, while it’s good, the local calamari, oysters and rock cod gets our vote. Good breakfasts too!
Fried Oysters and Chips
We dropped by for lunch and it was an awesome meal! We had the deep fried oysters & local rock cod, both fresh that morning & delicious! Especially liked the fresh-baked foccacia garlic bread; we soaked up every bit of the sauce with it & enjoyed the meal watching the sea life cavort in the harbor.
Entrance to Santa Cruz Harbor

Aldo's Santa Cruz has been there a long time and for good reason. They have delicious breakfasts, brunches and lunches. It's very casual. Most of the patrons sit outside on the deck overlooking the beautiful harbor. You can watch sailboats and power boats go in and out, and sometimes you’ll spot a sea otter or seal who has come into the harbor mouth to check things out.This place can be crowded on a sunny weekends, but it’s worth the wait. A very cool place.
Aldo’s, Santa Cruz is very nice and highly recommended.
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