Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Pike

Had a great time in Long Beach along with exploring The Pike, a locale by the waterfront. Clean, modern & very safe. Great restaurants, shops, cinema, bike hire, beautiful scenery, The Queen Mary and more. 

We stayed at the Hyatt The Pike Hotel located in the center of the area. Great hotel great place to hangout for a couple days. Lots to do in the area. The city of Long Beach is interesting too.
The Pike in the '50s
The Pike was founded in 1902 along the shoreline south of Ocean Boulevard with several independent arcades, food stands, gift shops, a variety of rides and a grand bath house. It was most noted for the Cyclone Racer (1930–1968), a large wooden dual-track roller coaster, built out on pilings over the water.

Long Beach Light House
The Pike was demolished in 1979 and over the course of years has become the modern Pike we now know.

The Queen Mary
Liked the variety of restaurants and shops in town and at The Pike. Walking along the boardwalk and looking out over lighthouse was relaxing. Ferris wheel was an added attraction for children. Theater was close-by. All in all a great walking tour.
George's Greek Lamb Chops
We went into town and had dinner at George’s Greek Cafe on Pine St. We ate in the garden of this charming place in downtown Long Beach. With its blue-and-white checked tablecloths & simple awning it was reminiscent of many country places that we enjoyed in Greece many years ago. The service is friendly & informal, including George, the owner  who is the wonderful greeter at the door who seems to be welcoming you into his own home. The menu features the best of Greek food.

Highly recommended!

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  1. I remember going to the Pike when I was a kid! LOVED The Cyclone Racer, rode it 7 times in a row once! My mom saw Elvis there once. Also remember the Rainbow Bridge! Any one else remember?? Fourth of July on the beach! Cold chicken & my mom's potatoe salad! So much fun!! ������������