Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mud Run 2014

Mud Run 2014
It's fun to stay motivated by signing up for road races around the Bay Area and always have a goal to keep us challenged. When looking for a race to do in April we found the 2014 Mud Run and signed up.

Starting Gate
We made it to Granite Park in Sacramento CA on a Saturday morning. We stood in line and got t-shirts, bandanas and a  timing chip, which you turn in for a free beer after the race. The race is run in waves with starts every 15 minutes of about 1000 runners.

Climbing is Fun!
The set of obstacles we saw was daunting enough but when we saw the first runner come over the hill navigate the ropes and wall climb and then run down to the final mud obstacle we really knew we could do it! Undeterred, we made it to the starting line for our start. At the start  we were reminded that this wasn’t a race but a challenge. No penalties for skipping obstacles, there are no winners or losers here.

Swimming throughthe mud and Under Barbed Wire
We started, ran, walked climbed, waddled, crawled and slithered through the 5K course. Had a great time. We were kids again! 

The sense of camaraderie among the participants is a wonderful thing. We chatted, laughed and helped each other through the obstacles along the way. 

When we finally came to the final slide into a pool of mud we swam through laughing and feeling great!

Duck and Pepper Cheese
We finished our adventure by heading to one of our favorites. Taste Restaurant in the Gold Rush era town of Plymouth. 

Steak Sandwich with Wild Mushrooms and Egg plus Arugala
Had a great  Steak Sandwich, Flat Bread and Cheese plate with Armenian preserved walnuts. Also had a local Amador Valley Yorba Zinfandel which was perfect.

Yorba Local Zinfandel

Great time playing in the mud! 

Highly recommended!

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