Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Alexander's Steakhouse SF

Alexander's Steakhouse
Had a wonderful experience at Alexander’s Steakhouse in San Francisco. Dining was superlative in every way. It’s known as the number one steakhouse in SF and we found that to be true.

As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by the maître d’ and a display of the variety of beef that’s offered. A1 - A5 Wagyu, aged Omaha rib eye, CAB Filet, etc. Wagyu means Japanese cow. Wa is Japanese and Gyu means cow. 

The servers were very welcoming and helpful and the Sommelier was quite informative and helpful too. 

Uni Toast
The meal started with a quail egg salmon Amuse Bouche that was a fantastic little taste to start the meal. Executive Chef, Mark Zimmerman, next presented a Snack Course which had 5 wonderful choices that included Uni Toast which we chose. It was a rich marrow toasted brioche covered with braised oxtail and spoonfuls of Uni. It was so good.

Imperial Ossetra Caviar
Cured Foie Gras
After the Snack we went on to the First Course. We had Imperial Ossetra Caviar ($28) which consisted of the Caviar, a marinated soft cooked egg, Meyer lemon, toasted shallots and nori bread. Tami just loved it. I had Cured Foie Gras ($38) that included apple upside down cake and eucalyptus smoked caramel. The flavor combination worked very well. 

A5 Miyagi Sendai Wagyu
Steaks came next, and they were perfectly grilled. The A5 Miyagi Sendai ($115) tastes like foie gras it’s so tender. The Miyagi Sendai beef eat high amounts of rice in their feed that produces a clean finish in the mouth. All Wagyu steaks are served in 3oz portions.

CAB Filet Mignon with Foie Gras 
The 6 oz Certified Angus Beef Filet Mignon ($43) with bordelaise and chives was cooked very rare. Got the Filet Mignon so I could have seared Foie Gras ($30) and not have it over power the Wagyu. The Filet and Foie gras were perfect together.

Side Dishes
The side dishes were Whipped Potatoes with caramelized onion gravy with puffed tendon and Brussels Sprouts made with cured beef, grilled onion, wagyu fat vinaigrette and crispy garlic.

12 types of Special Steak Salt from USA, Cyprus, 
India, Nepal, Peru, Indonesia, France, Philippines, Australia
The wine was unbelievable too but that’s another Blog. The meal finished off with, of course, house cotton candy with little extras: mini macarons and almond brittle. It was a perfect ending to a delicious dining experience. Expensive but well worth it. The overall ambience of the restaurant is cozy and welcoming. We will dine here again.

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