Wednesday, May 25, 2016


San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Got a chance to visit the reopened San Francisco Museum of Modern art (SFMOMA). It was fantastic in every way. Absolutely beautiful space filled with wonderful art and natural light. It’s a beautiful expansion of the old museum.

Oculus Bridge
If you love modern art, you can't miss this experience when in SF. They recently expanded with additions from the Fisher Collection and more. It is well worth the price of the ticket. Tickets should be bought in advance as they’re sold by entry time which kind of keeps the museum from getting over crowded. It was pretty crowded Saturday afternoon though.

Chuck Close Agnes
Andy Warhol Silver Marlon

The art itself is a nice mix of contemporary art along with a nice section of old California photography gallery. There’s also a nice section with interesting British sculpture.

The new media section had some strong pieces. Lots of large scale Chuck Close works which is impressive. Nice full selection section of graphic design work. There’s also a nice group of Andy Warhol prints and silkscreens.

Living Wall
One thing not to be missed is the living wall on the 3rd floor sculpture terrace. It is said to be the largest vertical garden in the United States. It is 150 feet long by 35 feet tall. It contains 19,442 plants with 21 of which are CA native species. The plantings are evocative of the forest floors of Mount Tamalpais, Muir Woods, and the East Bay Regional Parks.  

Also not to be missed is the Oculus Bridge for an interesting vantage point of another Calder that hangs above the Botta Lobby off 3rd St. Beautiful natural light shines from the oculus and lights the lobby while welcoming visitors. 

When you are in San Francisco and want to explore modern art, you must not miss  this museum. Many of the pieces of art on display have been in private collections and have not ever been seen by the public in one place.

The SFMOMA is a beautiful example of how space, food and art can work in harmony. The balance of shape and architectural points makes the entire experience a rich and spectacular experience.

Highly recommended.

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