Monday, February 6, 2012

Golden Gate Park 5K Run

Last Sunday morning had a great time in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Ran my first road race in about twenty years or more. It was only a 5K but was super happy about the fact that I started training and running again. YAY!
The race started on JFK Drive near the DeYoung Museum in the Park at 8AM. Arrived at 7:15 and had forgotten the wonderful sense of camaraderie that exists when you are a part of a community of runners. It was a gas. People from all over ready to get going through the beautiful park to the Great Highway at the beach.
The race wound its way around the museum, then Stow Lake with its ducks. Then passed the beautiful Academy of Science and the Japanese Tea Garden, then along MLK Drive to the Great Highway. It was a great run 
Ran the race in 40 minutes 36 seconds. Pretty high-tech, there’s a chip for your shoe that measures your time. Not quite the 12 minute mile I wanted to achieve but maybe a quick pit stop along the way held me up.
The end of the race was a crush of runners and vendors. They had a free breakfast but the line was so long I was very happy that Mollie Stones Grocery provided bananas. That really helped us hungry runners.
Stow Lake
The morning was lovely, the run was great and I plan to keep on going with this running thing. Perhaps the half marathon through Angkor Wat in the future!
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