Friday, February 10, 2012


A day trip to Macau from Hong Kong is a fun and easy thing to do. Getting there is an interesting hour trip by high-speed ferry or 20 minutes by helicopter. The ferries depart from the Hong Kong-Macau ferry terminal right above the Sheung Wan MTR station and is in walking distance from Central

Macau along with Hong Kong is a  “special administrative region (SAR)” of China. You do need your passports to exit Hong Kong and to enter Macau and then to return to HK.

Macau is a city with 3 cultures. One is the colonial Portuguese fortresses, churches and food that speak to a true Mediterranean experience on the China coast. The other is the Las Vegas of the East. But don’t forget, we may talk about Portugal and Vegas, but there’s a big historic Chinese culture there too.

During the past few years, sleepy Macau has experienced a boom usually associated with big cities. But rather than skyscrapers and office towers, the construction here is all about Vegas-style casinos and hotels. 

As far as historic sights go, the façade of St. Paul’s is the classic iconic image of Macau. On its own, it’s just an average attraction compared to European cathedral standards. But, due to its significance for Macau, the Ruins of St. Paul's makes a nice stop while you’re strolling around the center of town. The Fort, Castle and museum nearby are nice attractions as well. Central Macau is a charming euro-mediterranean collection of buildings as well to explore. Nice experience.

An entirely different architectural view is the Cotai Strip. There are many casinos including the Venetian, The Sands and the Wynn Macau among them. We didn't gamble much in Macau but at the Wynn, we had lunch in the Red 8 restaurant that was very good Chinese food; much better than the Red 8 at Wynn Las Vegas. I guess the cuisine is always better closer to home… even in a casino!

We took a helicopter back to HK for the fun of it and in 20 minutes we were back to Central.  The trip to Macau was a fun day trip and next time we’re in Hong Kong we’ll do it again.


  1. I just did a day trip to Macau on January 18, and enjoyed the stroll to the St. John's ruins and Mount Fortress. I hope to go back and see the Old Protestant Cemetery next time.

  2. Have visited HK a total of four time's and always enjoyed it. I also visited Kawloon several times, but have read of Macau before. Looks fun ...

  3. I prefer Macau to Hong Kong. You can get the ferry from HKIA. You just go to the ferry desk (do not clear customs) and hand them your baggage slip. They get it and you pick it up at Macau. In reverse coming back you may be able t check your baggage for your flight at the ferry. I did

  4. You can take the ferry to Macau from HKIA. Do not clear customs. Take your baggage tag to the ferry desk. They get the luggage for you