Thursday, May 16, 2013

Muir Woods

Muir Wood National Monument is a magical place and the journey there is an adventure in itself.  Start on Hwy 1, which is a curvy road that leads up to the Panoramic Hwy and goes on to to Muir Woods that is located on the side of Mt Tamalpais; or Mt Tam as the locals say.

There are 2 parking lots for the park. They do tend to fill up quickly in the morning though. We managed to arrive before 9:00 AM so spaces were still available in the secondary lot. The park opens at 8 AM and there is a $7 entrance fee for adults. We like to go early to get parking and avoid the large groups of tourists.

Redwood Grove
The history of the redwoods is fascinating. One hundred and fifty million years ago ancestors of redwood and sequoia trees grew throughout the United States. Today, the Sequoia Sempervirens can be found only in a narrow, cool coastal belt from Monterey, in the south to Oregon in the north. 

Hillside Trail
By the early 20th century, most of these forests had been cut down. Just north of the SF Bay, one valley named Redwood Canyon remained uncut, mainly due to its relative inaccessibility.
Redwood Bridge over Small Creek
The famed naturalist John Muir, whose environmental campaigns helped to establish the National Park System wanted to save the redwoods from logging. Working with his friend, US Congressman William Kent  and President Theodore Roosevelt, Muir helped save Redwood Canyon from logging in 1908.

Being among the redwood giants is certainly an experience of scale. Hiking there is wonderful. It's a favorite for locals and visitors alike because the trails vary in difficulty, accommodating all ages. We took the Hillside trail and met the Ocean View that’s a favorite. It then meets the Ben Johnson Trail and there you will be rewarded at the top with a magnificent view of the Pacific ocean. Loop back down the Dipsea Trail and you'll have a great 4 mile hike.

Dipsea Trail Looking towards Pacific and SF

There are bathrooms before and just past the entrance inside, so be sure to be mindful of that before you start your hike.  Also, it can get really cold and windy in the forest, so dress in layers. It’s a very rewarding place to go.

Highly recommended!

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  1. wonderful post. Thank you for sharing. Hugs

  2. I love Muir Woods! Thank you for this great post. It triggered wonderful childhood memories with my grandparents and magical nature spirits.

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