Friday, August 2, 2013

Old Sacramento

Old Sacramento CA. Historic part of a town that played a huge part in the Gold Rush and the Transcontinental Railroad. From scenic frontier-style storefronts, horse-carriage hansom rides, to eclectic stores and candy-shops, Old Sacramento has a lot to offer both the tourist and locals alike.

Restaurants, stores, boutiques, clubs, museums, etc., all come together and provide a wonderful sight-seeing opportunity for all alike.  And the variety that is offered at different times of the year is quite mesmerizing.
Old Sacramento has more than 50 historic buildings.  In 1965 the entire original 1850’s business district of Old Sacramento was named a National Historic Landmark.  Along with the B.F. Hastings Building, you can still see the 1849 Eagle Theater and the 1855 Big Four Building.
Cobblestone roads, wooden plank walkways, old historic schools and trains, all along the beautiful Sacramento River. That is Old Sacramento.

Sacramento River
There’s lots of little restaurants ranging in all types of food and drink. If you don't want a sit down restaurant they have many little pizza joints and sandwich places too. 

Dixie King Hotel/Restaunt Bar
There are also a few bars here and pool halls, and the architecture is in Old Sacramento’s 19th century Building styles. It really does look like it did in the 1850’s- ‘90s. Coming here always is exciting because it’s so different in comparison to everywhere else in “modern” Sacramento. Be sure to stop in some of the museums here too or even pay and take a Sacramento river taxi ride! The options are endless. Very fun.        

We had a good time in Old Sacramento and it’s a great stop if passing through the area. 

Highly recommended!
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