Thursday, January 23, 2014

Battambang, Cambodia

Shiva over Battambang
One reason we went to Siem Reap was to take a day trip to Battambang to visit Cambodian friends we made while we worked there recently. We left around 10:00am from La Residence for the 2 hour drive to meet for lunch.

Restaurant Entrance
Naturally, the road was in pretty bad shape from recent floods but after driving over a bumpy road that was dirt in a few places we made it in time for lunch. Luckily, our driver was able use our cell phone and get directions from to the restaurant.

Lunch Time
Battambang was founded in the 11th century by the Khmer Empire and is well known for being the leading rice-producing province of the country. It’s the second largest city in Cambodia.

The city is situated by the Sangkae River, a small body of water that winds its way through town providing a nice, picturesque setting. As with much of Cambodia, the French Colonial architecture is an attractive bonus of the city. It is home to some of the best preserved French colonial architecture in the country.

Naga for Peace
Near the restaurant was the interesting Naga for Peace and Development. It was created with weapons from the residents of Battambang Province and honors the hopes of the people in breaking away from the violent past. Battambang Province was brutalized harshly by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge during the 1970’s.

Close-up of Naga
Battambang is historic, quiet little city and we had a great time meeting our friends . We spent the afternoon with them and were back in Siem Reap that night for a Khmer dinner and Apsara dancers. Good time had by all.
Apsara Dancers in Siem Reap

Battambang is Highly recommended! 

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