Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Trip to Siem Reap

The road  to Siem Reap
Phnom Penh is over for now and rather than deal with the airport we decided to drive to Siem Reap, about 320 Km (198 Mi) on paved hwy 5, which should have taken 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Lunch near Kampong Thom
Needless to say it didn’t. The road was completely demolished in places by recent floods and the traffic was slowed down to quite a few stops here and there. The road was new last year!

Nice Ride
Luckily we were in the Bimmer and that made things quite a bit nicer. Somehow a BMW 5 can do things like that. Comfortable, smooth and during the times when the driver could push it, it really got up and went.

Ancient Khmer Bridge still in use
Suite at La Residence, very nice- huge space

We left Raffles at about 9:00am and drove pretty much straight through with a short stop for lunch. We got to our suite at La Résidence d’Angkor in great shape. Got to Siem Reap around 4:00pm, so it could have been worse.

Pub Street in Siem Reap
We’ve made this trip a few times by bus, car and by air too, but I’ll vote car every time. It would be nice if the road was fixed a little quicker after the floods though.

Oh well, still had fun and we were in perfect shape to join in with the happenings on Pub Street! It's always a party on Pub Street.

Highly recommended road trip! 

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