Tuesday, August 12, 2014

King's Beach Tahoe

King's Beach in Action
We had the perfect summer day at King’s Beach. We got to the beach pretty early but parking was still quite full. Somebody tried to block a space for his friend but we just moved the pylon and it was ours. It was even in the shade!

Story of Lake Tahoes Name
The beach itself is pretty nice. The sand is soft, with the exception of some pieces of wood from the surrounding trees. It does get hot walking around bare foot, so bring your flip flops. 
Relativly Quiet Area of the Beach
There's a wooden pier off to the side and lots of families bring or rent beach toys (giant water tricycles, rafts, jet skis, etc.). Off the beach there's a wooded area that provides lots of shade and there's several picnic benches. Even out of the way closer to the street, there's a paved path with benches along the way. Very nice summer scene.

This seems to be the main beach that everyone seems to go to, and with good reason. Its location is perfect for those staying in the Truckee area. About a15 minute drive from the Ritz. 

Highly recommended!

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