Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Ritz Carlton Tahoe

The Ritz Carlton Tahoe
Had a great time at the Ritz-Carlton Tahoe as a part of our summer trip. We Got a wonderful corner room on the club floor.

Corner Room on the Fifth Floor
Driving up to the Ritz was amazing. The view on approach is absolutely stunning. The hotel sits on the side of a mountain and looks like a huge rustic mansion that you would imagine in the Swiss Alps/Colorado. As we pulled in the service that the Ritz Carlton is known for is the next thing to be seen. The valet waved us in with a smile and a warm greeting. 

Ritz Bath
We got to the Ritz around 12pm and the room wasn’t quite ready so they gave us a magic key that got us into the club for a comfortable wait. When the room was ready, the manager brought us the keys and walked us to our nice corner room on the fifth floor. Really wonderful space that served as a great base for our summer experiences at both the Ritz and in the North Lake Tahoe area. 

Room 508

Manzanita Restaurant
View From the Room's Window
Then there’s the Manzanita Restaurant. This is the place to enjoy relaxing meals and very good drinks at the bar. Service and food are excellent and live up to the Ritz standards. They have good food selections on their menu and all the dishes were quite good. We’d always leave smiling after having wonderful food and a good time, especially the drinks with Ben the Bartender.

View From the Other Window

The Ritz Carlton Tahoe was a great summer experience and we can’t wait to get back and go skiing there in the winter.

Highly recommended!

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