Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Old Town Penang

Street Art

The Old Town section of George Town Penang is fascinating fusion of eastern and western influences and is Malaysia’s most tourist-visited destination. Georgetown’s streets are largely by Chinese storefronts and most in need of a paint job. The city is important for the Malaysian tourist scene and it is also a popular expat enclave and , the food here is great, a blend of Indian curry and Chinese noodles and many think it’s the best in Malaysia, possibly the best in SE Asia.

Nagore Dargha Sheriff

It’s the only state in Malaysia to have a Chinese majority population, Penang’s sub-culture is a mixture of Asia itself. Rather than feeling mono-ethnic, it exemplifies the country’s colonial past and mixed-heritage future perfectly. It isn’t Malaysia’s most beautiful state yet it does posses a particular charm. Being the oldest of the British Straits Colonies, the state Penang is one of its most tolerant and cosmopolitan in Malaysia.

Moslem Temple 

Georgetown, Penang’s capital on the north-eastern corner of the island, is dotted with unique Chinese shop houses, narrow roads, old-fashioned colonial-era mansions, clan houses, many schools, ornate temples and Little India district. George Town is an extremely rewarding place to visit. We loved being there and we shall return.

Queen Victoria Jubilee Tower 1837-1897
Chinese Temple
There are many reasons to love the old town section of George Town, It’s got a laid back and peaceful vibe that makes it a must do when traveling to Malaysia. It has South East Asias best street food, it’s famous for it. Penang is one of Asia’s gastronomical delights. The best Carts of Street Food is on Lebuh Chulia.

Street Art

We loved exploring old town and other parts on Penang Island and there’s so much more to see. We shall return!

Highly recommended!  

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