Sunday, March 25, 2018

Hacienda San Jose Cholul

Old Chapel and Casa del Patron Entrance
Got the rental car a block from the Mansion Merida and left for the one hour drive to the Hacienda San Jose near the Maya town of Tixkokob. Didn't take the toll road but the road between Merida and Tixkokob is Libre and high quality with minimal traffic. 

Old Entrance to  the Hacienda
The beautifully restored Hacienda is filled with historic atmosphere. The first reliable information about San Jose Cholul dates back to 1794, when Joaquin Tenreiro was an early owner. San Jose Cholul was named after it's holy patron, San Jose, and its Maya location Cholul, a common naming system for Haciendas in those days. it was farming and llvestock until Henequen production arrived in the Yucatan.

Path to the Casa del Patron
It became a Henequen production factory in the nineteenth century and after the Maya Caste wars was abandoned; by 1944, the Hacienda was reduced to only fifteen hectares and by 1963 it was in ruins.

Casa del Patron Spacious Interior
Light Filled Bath
Starwood properties has since made this historic restored 18th century Hacienda into a beautiful 5 star resort that is a fantastic place to stay. 

Back Terrace
What was really fantastic in staying there is that they upgraded us to the Casa del Patron, one of the original buildings that were preserved from the old days. It was where the Patron lived in the 1700s. The Patron Room also has a wonderful private swimming pool and  classic terrace with hammocks where we spent a lot of time relaxing.

Private Pool
Staying at San Jose del Cholul was a unique part of our trip. This Hacienda is something special. It's a step back in time yet one is provided with a modern level of comfort and luxury that is a great experience. It allows a wonderful opportunity find culture and tradition in style. We especially loved the Maya ladies at the front desk, Nejellie and Daniela along with Manuel Castillo and Nejellie's husband Rodrigo. Wonderful people.

Hacienda Road
Needless to say we're already planning another trip to Yucatan and The Hacienda San Jose Cholul will be a definite stop. Highly recommended!

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