Friday, March 23, 2018


Temple of the Moon
Got up early at the St Regis for our trip to Teotihuacan. Our driver/guide Carlos was down at the front door and ready to head to the ruins. Off we went… 

Pre-excavated Mound
The City of Teotihuacan (the place where the gods were born) is situated around 50 km north-east of Mexico City. Built between 100 — 650 CE, it is well known for the huge size of its monuments — particularly, the vast pyramids of the Sun and Moon along with the Temple of Quetzalcoatl. All the buildings in this huge city were laid out using geometry and cardinal signs.

Avian Effigy Vessel 
Teotihuacan is one of the earliest and most powerful cultural centers in all of Mesoamerica.The ancient City extended its trade, culture and artistic influence throughout the area and beyond.

At the peak of its development Teotihuacan stretched out over 13 square miles. The ceremonial center that we see today only represents 10% of the total surface of the city. Excavations have revealed palaces and residential housing that have murals, frescos and objects.

Plumed Serpent and Flowering Trees Mural

The Teotihuacano culture is quite mysterious, no one knows who they were or even what they called themselves. Although it is a subject of debate, the mysterious culture was able to dominate Mesoamerica for five hundred years. 

Mosaic Figure

Teotihuacan seems to have been the center of a powerful empire. Its influence is well documented and its presence can be seen at numerous sites in Vera Cruz and the Maya region. The later Mexica-Aztecs saw these imposing ruins and claimed a common ancestry with the long gone Teotihuacanos adopting aspects of their culture. 

Mural Fragment of Bird with Shield and Spear
A visit to Teotihuacan is compulsory if a trip to Mexico is planned and you want to see one of the worlds most important and dramatic ancient cities and a visit to see this archaeological site will prove to be a fascinating and worthwhile experience. 

Highly recommended!

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