Monday, April 2, 2012


Entrance to Amanbagh
We explored northern India recently and especially had a good time while we were in Rajasthan. There's a lot to see and do there and among the places we stayed, one of the best was the Amanbagh Resort in the rural town of Alwar.

Suite Courtyard Gate
The trip getting there from Jaipur was an adventure in itself involving a bumpy rural road that connects a network of remote hamlets and villages along the ancient Aravalli Hills. The eroded Aravalli range of hills are of some of the worlds oldest mountains.
Beautiful Marble Suite
The land of the Alwar region consists of sandy plains interspersed with the dry Hills that contrasts with Amanbagh’s magnificent setting that is beautiful greenery. The hotel lies within a walled compound once used by the Maharajah of Alwar for his hunting camps in search of the tigers that used to roam in the hills. The hunting camp was abandoned long ago but the trees and vegetation continued to thrive due to a source of underground water.
Green Marble Tub
We stayed in a terrace haveli suite and it was fantastic. The haveli is on the upper floors of the resort; you climb a staircase that leads through tall wooden doors to a personal terrace that has views of the Aravallis and the pool. Inside, it’s Rajasthani pink marble walls and floors and the rooms have everything that you need from a sitting area to a king size bed. The  large bathroom is unbelievable with a large bathtub and sink carved from solid blocks of Udaipur green marble. Incredible. And a big plus, no TV!
Holy of Holies at Neelkanth
While you’re far off the beaten path, there’s tons of things to do there. We took quite a few trips to various ruined ancient cities and temples and especially enjoyed the Temple Town of Neelkanth which has 80 carved ruined temples and one of the most ancient temples of northern India, Neelkantheshwar. Legend has it that it’s butter lamp has burned for over 2000 years and it’s still burning today.
Kings Throne
We also liked hiking to the King’s Throne where we saw a stone throne that the King of Alwar had constructed on a hill above a valley. Legend has it that the king would chain a goat in the valley below to draw tigers that were hunting and the king would just sit in the throne and shoot them from above. Not very fair and not much of a hunter but those days are over. Now animals are respected and the most people do is shoot pictures if you’re lucky enough to see a tiger.
Part of what makes Amanbagh so great is it’s people and service. We have stayed at Amans all over the world and this is one of the best. We'll never forget this place… when you're there, stay at least a few days to really enjoy, relax and appreciate the hotel’s history, wonderful atmosphere and surrounding areas. Highly recommended!

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