Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hong Kong

Star Ferry

We were in Hong Kong recently and I must say that it’s one of the great cities to be seen. It’s different from European cities like Paris, London or Rome, fascinating in a unique modern way but with a history all its own. Hong Kong Island is the center of everything. The ferryboats to the outer islands all start from there including the wonderful old Star Ferry that only charges 25 cents to take you to The Kowloon Peninsula, chugging across the harbor in 5 minutes.

Hong Kong’s restaurants are fantastic, among the best in the world.  One of my favorites is Caprice, the only French restaurant in Hong Kong to receive three prestigious Michelin stars. Chef Vincent Thierry leads Caprice along with his team of 25 chefs. It has superb views over Victoria Harbor and the Kowloon Peninsula from its location on the sixth floor of the Four Seasons Hotel. If you like fine french food, this is the place to go in Hong Kong.

Street in Wan Chai District of Hong Kong
We’ve been to Hong Kong many times and in future blogs I will talk more about my other favorite excursions and restaurants there. Until then . . . bon soir 


  1. LJ,

    My wife and I were just there last month for our first ever international excursion - what a great city!

    On our list of favorites is the coordinated laser and building light show featuring 40+ of the best of the Hong Kong Island skyline - best viewed from the Kowloon Promenade.

    It was fun noticing differences between the US - bamboo scaffolding, laundry hanging out high-rise windows on PVC pipes and electrical conduit, the absence of panhandling, and double decker trams to name but a few.

    I'd love to go back!

    1. You're trip sounds great David! What a great city to start your international travels.

      We've been lucky enough to work on some continuing NGO business in Cambodia so on every trip there we always stop in Hong Kong for a few days.

      We love the HK skyline at night too. A good place to see it from is the Hutong restaurant at #1 Peking Road in Kowloon. A little touristy, but a full on view of HK Island and pretty good spicy Beijing food.

      Good luck and happy travels, LJ