Monday, April 2, 2012


Ruins of Kankwari
While exploring Rajasthan we were lucky enough find a guide who took us far off the beaten track to the abandoned ruins of a ancient fort called Kankwari. It was built and used from about 1050-1350CE and dates to the days of Mughal rule in India. 

Kankwari Fort is a perfect example of a Vandurga, a type of ancient jungle fort, and being on the edge of the Sariska Wildlife National Park, there’s always a chance of seeing a tiger, monkeys, boars, antelope.

Villages Below
Aman Lunch at Kankwari Ruins with Wine from Chile
Legend has it that Dara Shikoh, the brother of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, served his lifelong exile at the Kankwari Fort. Aurangzeb exiled his brother from the capital after a serious disagreement and commanded him to a lifelong exile at the Kankwari, a fort that was built especially for this purpose. It is said that thousands of soldiers were stationed there guarding Dara Shikoh's activities and to protect that part of the Mughal empire.

Hidden Room/Original Paintings
If you like adventure, you will enjoy the journey to Kankwari fort. Driving on the bumpy dirt road up to the fort was an adventure in itself. The picturesque views of sprawling green landscapes, lush meadows and ancient villages that surround the fort make the difficult journey very worthwhile. Visiting ancient abandoned forts and cities in Rajasthan is an unforgettable experience, not to be missed.

Highly Recommended!


  1. Gujarat was a hot bed for early civilization and international trade before Christ and during Buddha.

  2. Gujarat was a hot bed for early civilization and international trade before Christ and during Buddha. But their writing looked weird and their statues looked foreign, so we destroyed them.

  3. Hi there, I recently visited Alwar, and it was only after I returned home I got to know about Kankwari Fort. But now I plan to visit this place with my friends. Could you please be kind enough to provide me with the contact details of the guide who took you there (only if you still have this information). We plan to camp there at night. And I will be glad if you'd like to part some wisdom about this place to me. Thanks !