Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shortest California Highway

Made a point of going to the James Marshall Monument and also made sure  to see the shortest highway in California.Of course, there’s a sign that says that State Route 153 (SR 153) is the shortest state highway. Cool.
It’s only 0.5 miles (0.80 km) long and it leads to the monument marking the grave of James Marshall whose discovery of gold along the American River, January 24, 1848 started the Gold Rush.
The Monument Road part of the “highway” is quite narrow, and looks like it dead ends at the park employee residence. But it doesn’t. There’s an easily missed sign that shows that the road continues in front of the residence as a very narrow, one way road up to the monument. There is a small parking area close to the monument on the one way road that circles it. 
James Marshall's cabin

St Johns Cemetary
The SR 153 officially ends at the Marshall Monument, but since the last short segment is only one way, you can't (legally) go back the way you came. The one lane, one way road continues down the hill and passes Marshall's cabin with old St Johns Cemetery across the road. It ends at the junction of Church and High streets in the town of Coloma.
Strangely fun and BTW, there was no traffic on the “highway”. 
Highly Recommended!
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