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Union Inn and Pub

Volcano is an interesting little town that’s fairly easy to visit but still a bit off the beaten track. It’s a about a 2 or 3 block town of about 100+ inhabitants but can swell to 300 on weekend nights with people who come to see the professional theatre group, have dinner at the Union Inn and Pub, the St George Hotel (when it’s open) or music at the local bar. It’s all good.
Pork Tenderloin
We particularly like The Union Inn and Pub that's Taste restaurant’s sister property. Needless to say, the pub has delicious contemporary food. Had a very tasty pork tenderloin with fresh peach, wild and brown rice with pecans and fennel. Also had a superb Scott Harvey Old Vine Zin outdoors on the deck to complete the country-urban dining experience.
The Union Inn was built in 1880 by four itinerate French Canadians. It then became a boarding house for hard-working miners and locals until the 1920's. It was closed on and off for years and since being refurbished, it now has four modern guest rooms located on the second floor. Two rooms have direct balcony access overlooking Consolation Street and are modern and clean with flat panel TV. 
Historically, Volcano was named for its setting in a bowl-shaped valley which early miners thought was caused by a volcano. The early morning fog rising from the valley floor only reinforced that belief. The area was first known as Soldiers Gulch in 1849. By 1853 the area swarmed with miners, and there were 11 stores, 6 hotels, 3 bakeries, and 3 saloons. Hydraulic mining operations began in 1855 and brought thousands of fortune seekers who increased the town to 17 hotels, a library, a theater, and courts of quick justice. During the Civil War, Volcano's gold served the Union. Now, little Volcano has a few more than 100 inhabitants.
Main Street Volcano
For a small town, Volcano has had many firsts:
--1854 First theater group in California
--1854 First debating society in California
--1854 First circulating library in California
--1855 First private schools in California
--1855 First private law school in California
--1856 First legal hanging in Amador County
--1860 First astronomical observatory in California
--1978 First solar still in California
Can’t wait to get back to Volcano. It’s a quiet, yet happening little town that’s an appealing weekend get-away.
Highly Recommended!
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  1. Enjoyed reading this and finding myself interested in a place I know nothing about