Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sutter Creek

Main Street Sutter Creek

Had a wonderful time experiencing the California Gold Country and stayed at the Foxes Inn. A B&B in the charming little town of Sutter Creek.
Sutter Creek, known as the Jewel of the Mother Lode, was named after John Sutter who sent James W. Marshall, his carpenter, to the area in 1846 in search of timber for his fort in Sacramento. Marshall’s later discovery of gold in nearby Coloma in January 1848 triggered the famed California Gold Rush.
Eureka Street
Sutter Creek became a destination for fortune hunters and became a town in 1854. A post office was established in 1852. Although plenty of placer gold was found there, gold-bearing quartz deposits were discovered in 1851 and mining those deposits for gold became the mainstay of the local economy for many years. The mines continued operations until 1942, when most gold mines were closed for a lack of manpower during World War II. They tried to reopen the mines after the war but they were finally closed in 1952. A few small mines are trying to run now because of the high prices for gold.
Foxes Inn
Today, Sutter Creek is a tourist town with many shops and restaurants. The town itself is a registered California Landmark. Many of the original brick buildings are still standing, as are some of the mansions built by wealthier residents. Leland Stanford, who started Stanford University, was one of Sutter Creek's most famous residents.
Foxes Parlor
One of the beautiful old houses on Main St has been turned into a charming B&B, The Foxes Inn. It’s a great place to stay. The staff excels at everything and goes out of their way to please. Gourmet breakfast was excellent every morning. It started with coffee from a silver pot and fresh fruit appetizer before the delicious breakfast entree! Among other dishes, they have a very creative and tasty Chile Relleno. Mmm, good.
The California Gold Country is a great place to go, and the Foxes Inn is a fantastic base for exploring the area.
Highly recommended!
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  1. I like Sutter Creek, it's as if I've been there before ..