Monday, February 3, 2014

Dyen Sabai & The Bamboo Bridge

Dyen Sabai
Dyen Sabai is a wonderful restaurant that the overlooks the Nam Khan river in Luang Prabang. The restaurant is made up of balconies that extend into the trees and forest that overlooks the river. We went in the afternoon and there were no mosquitoes/insects despite the dense vegetation and forest around. It’s a very beautiful and serene location.

Waiting for French Wine
Japanese Friends
The Restaurant captures the peace and tranquility of the rainforest, while still being close to the bustle of happening Luang Prabang. The setting is fabulous, nestled among lush green vegetation. Seating is housed in bamboo huts on wide open decking overlooking the river, beautifully decorated with colorful cushions and lanterns. There’s also a choice of a western style table or comfortable Lao pillows.

Bamboo Bridge across the Nam Khan
Bamboo Bridge
There is a bamboo bridge that connects to the restaurant from the main area of Luang Prabang on the other side of the Nam Khan river. During the rainy season the bamboo bridge often collapses into the river so the restaurant organizes a small row boat to take you there and back. Luckily for us the bridge was in fine shape and it cost 20,000 Kip ($2.50 USD)to cross the bridge round trip. 

It’s really fun to hang out and lounge while laying about on pillows and cushions. It’s easy to meet and talk with the other people there since were all just laying around and eating great Lao food with a slightly modern twist.

Traditional Lao food
The food is very special, authentic Lao style food. Half of the menu is fondue/barbecue, that means you cook yourself. In the middle of the table they put pots full of hot coals. Then you barbecue the ingredients you choose (meat or fish) with a lot of vegetables and fresh herbs. The Dyen Sabai was fantastic place to experience Lao food and hang out talking with fellow travelers and drinking french wine. 

Highly recommended! 

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