Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Tamarind

Tamarind Restaurant on Kingkitsalat Road
The Tamarind restaurant in Luang Prabang is a delicious, authentic destination and presents the best in Lao food. Rudy, the Dutch-American maitre d' is thoroughly charming, with a relaxed vibe that makes everyone instantly comfortable. The food they serve is the perfect introduction to Lao food. We found their rendition of the dishes to be superior to the versions we tasted at the other top-rated restaurants.
Lao Sausage, Dips (Jeouw), Buffalo Skin, Fried River Leaves
The Tamarind was simply amazing. We got the set menu ($15 USD each) which provided us with a great variety of food. The staff also explained the history, ingredients and how to eat each dish. Very interesting.

Fried Pumpkin, Lemongrass with Chicken, Fish in Banana Leaf
This restaurant is bustling and has a great vibe - you will need a reservation though. We watched many people try to walk in and were turned away at the door. The  set dinner was very tasty and served well. Remember, bookings are required well in advance as their reputation has made it nearly impossible as walk in for dinner. Lunch maybe.

Sticky Black Rice Dessert in Coconut Milk with Tamarind Sauce
Fabulous dining - went twice. Once for lunch, once for dinner. Both were wonderful. Each meal had fresh gourmet ingredients and presentation like you would get in a fancy restaurant back home. The Tamarind is easy walking distance from all hotels in old town. It has a nice location along the Nam Khan river.

Across the Nam Khan from the Tamarind
This is among the best restaurants in Luang Prabang and it is well worth the price (not that much). Service is excellent, the menu is varied, the portions are generous and the food was superb. The sticky Black Rice Dessert was particularly good.

Highly recommended! 

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