Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pierre Gagnaire à séoul

Pierre Gagnaire à séoul Dining Room
On our last night in Seoul we went to the wonderful french restaurant Pierre Gagnaire à séoul. Awesome location, decor and view. It is a fantastic locale on the top floor of the New Wing of The Lotte Hotel in Seoul. Classic French fine dining with great champagne and wine list. Food all very good and very well balanced.  It was beautifully presented and cooked to bring out the best in the food. Excellent and attentive service added to making the meal memorable.

You walk into the restaurant and you are no longer in Seoul. You could be at Pierre’s restaurant in Paris. With the high ceilings and European antique furniture with lovely table settings. The restaurant is a treat, of course, but the food and wine quality was very high. This is the best current French restaurant in Seoul and the 8th in all of Asia.

Delicious Bread
The dining room was extravagant, the views of the city were awesome and the service was great. We had the view table that allowed us to overlook Seoul while eating the most wonderful food and wine. 

Pierre Gagnaire’s souffleé and éclair
The meal  consisted of a series of small plates. Actually, each entree had 5 different dishes. We had the 6 rue Balzac menu and every course was fantastic. Among other things, the Balzac menu appetizers included langoustine quenelle and royal foie gras. The main was sautéed lobster claw, tuna and cauliflower purée along with baked potato ice cream along with many other dishes. It ended with a wonderful Pierre Gagnaire’s souffle. Unbelievable.

The main dish was some of the best food we’ve have ever eaten! The lobster was complemented beautifully by mango and the most delicious lobster bisque you could imagine! They also made their own bread products which were very, very good.

Pierre Gagnaire Gift Box
Eating at Pierre Gagnaire was very expensive, but very worthwhile. It is a meal that we will remember for a long time! Pierre Gagnaire Seoul is very true to the fine dining experience you would expect to find in Paris. You feel like you have been transported to a fancy parisian restaurant with its Versailles-like setting. The service is attentive and the staff know when you need something. And of course the food is just superb.

Highly recommended!

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