Friday, February 14, 2014

Gyeongbok Palace

Hyanggwonjeong Hexagonal Pavillion. Built in 1873 by King Gogong
Got a chance to visit Gyeongbokgung (Gung means Palace). It’s was fantastic to see. Gyeongbokgung is the biggest palace in Seoul. It's a beautiful place while still in the heart of the city. Very cold in Winter though.

Palace Walls
Gyeongbokgung is a very interesting Palace because there's so much to see and everything is so well maintained and restored. It's a long walk, so wear comfortable shoes and dress warmly, it's cold outside in the winter. The Reflection Pond and Pavilion was absolutely a favorite place, so beautiful and quiet.

Jibokjae is the Private Library used by King Gogong
The main royal palace is Gyeongbokgung and located in north central Seoul. First constructed in 1395, it later was burned and abandoned for almost three centuries, and reconstructed in 1867. It was the main and largest palace of the Five Grand Palaces built by the Joseon Dynasty. The name means Greatly Blessed by Heaven (Gyeongbok) and Palace [Gung).

Gyeonghoeru. Joseon Royal Banquet Hall
Gyeongbok Palace was built three years after the Joseon Dynasty was founded and it served as its main palace. With Mount Bugaksan as a backdrop, the main entrance to the palace, is situated in the heart of the Korean capital city. 

Gyotaejeon Hall was the Queens Quarters. Begun in 1440 by King Sejong
The Palace was demolished during the Japanese occupation of the early 20th century and restoration efforts have been ongoing since 1990. Restorations are largely completed.

It’s a large place for being in central Seoul and it was a great palace to see and get a some exercise. To repeat, it’s cold in the winter though.

Highly recommended!

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