Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Central Restaurante Lima

Entrance to Central Restaurante Lima
The only time we could swing a fancy lunch in Lima was perfect for Central, right around the corner from the Marriott in Miraflores. Central is number 4 on the San Pellegrino list of the top 50 in the world and Number 1 in Latin America. The French Laundry is 49 if that means anything.

Central Kitchen
The cool thing was that the Exec Chef Virgilio Martinez was cooking that day and lunch was beyond compare. We started out in Peru with the best. We’d had reservations for a couple of weeks so that made it easy . We met with Chef Martinez during lunch and we looked forward to his Avant Garde Peruvian food.

Peruvian Bread with Coca Leaves
We were seated quickly, and served some interesting breads with “black” (negro) butter and sea salt, organic extra virgin olive oil, and another butter that was super rich and fatty. The breads were made with Peruvian ingredients, such as the purple corn, potatoes and Coca. We knew we were in for something good.

Chef Martinez Working in the Kitchen
The restaurant was very modern, with an open kitchen behind glass, many employees in a flurry of activity. Exciting place.

Hot Ceviche
We ordered off the menu and decided to start with the “Hot Ceviche” (Ceviche Caliente) which we had seen on the menu for a starter. It was really good, warm and made withe freshest of seafood. They like to serve food on pieces of granite. The plating of the food was part of the experience.

Clam Crudo
Also had a fish and clam crudo starter that that was made with Sweet Lemon Milk, Quinoa and Ginger. It was so good. We’re definitely in Peru.

21-Day Suckling Piglet
For a main course I the 21-Day Suckling Piglet that had Arracacha (root Vegetable from the Andes), Borage (Starflower) and pickled Vegetables. The combination was so good it’s indescribable.  Tami had roasted grouper that came with black quinoa, native Potato and calamari which hit all the notes of freshness and perfect flavor.

Octopus and Scallops
Another dish we enjoyed was an Octopus and Scallops in Purple Coal which was the sweetest Octopus we had ever tasted. Fantastic place.

Highly recommended!

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