Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Machu Picchu

Overview from the Guardhouse
We weren’t quite to Machu Picchu when we got to Aguas Calientes on the Hiram Bingham train. Luckily Dario was there and he led us to the bus and we boarded for the short trip up the hill to the ruins.

MP Urban Area
When we got to the entrance to MP, there were huge lines of people. Sounds bad but actually, they were trying to get on buses to go down the hill. They were leaving.

Turns out that people come to MP early for the sunrise and get tired and were leaving when we arrived in the afternoon. No crowds for us.

Belmond knows just how to time it.

Temple of the Sun
Most archaeologists believe that Machu Picchu was built as a Royal Estate for the Inca Emperor Pachacuti (1438–1472). They built the estate around 1450, but it was abandoned around 100 years later as a result of the Spanish Conquest.

Luckily the Spanish never found it and so didn't plunder or destroy it as they did most other sites. Over the centuries, the surrounding jungle grew over Machu Picchu, and few besides the locals knew of its existence. Hiram Bingham brought it to the worlds attention in 1911.

Temple of 3 Windows
Temple of the Condor
We entered Machu Picchu and climbed up to the House of Guardians for a world famous view of the entire complex. It was beautiful. Then moved on to the West terrace section. From there we moved into the Temple zone and saw the Temple of the Three Windows. 

The Intihuatana, famed astronomical Inca carved stone or the Hitching Post of the Sun. 

Ceremonial Rock
Next stop was the Ceremonial Rock and Main Square where we met some Llamas and saw a wild Chinchilla. We saw incredible Inca Stonework and the MP tour took about 3 hours of hiking quartz stairs. It was somewhat demanding to keep your balance sometimes.


Marta the Llama
We worked our way out of the ruins to the Belmond Sanctuary Hotel for Coca tea and snacks. It’s right at the entrance to Machu Picchu and very Convenient to the ruins.

 After our snacks we got on the bus back to Aguas Calientes for the return train to Poroy.

Baby llamas
We had a wonderful day and got to see an incredible wonder of the world which allowed us to see the genius and mystery of Inca Architecture and Design.

Hiram Bingham got back to Poroy at 21:00 hrs and Max was there to bring us back to the Palacio Nazarenas.

Highly recommended!

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