Tuesday, October 6, 2015

LAN 787 Business Class to Peru

787 Video Screens with Cocktail Table
Our trip to Lima, Cusco and Machu Picchu, Peru started out comfortably. After flying from SFO to LAX we were excited to experience our first flight in a Boeing 787 where LAN had new Premium Business Class seats waiting for us to enjoy on our flight to Lima.

Seats 2A, 2C
Boarding commenced a rather impressive 60 minutes before departure, however with a 5-10 minute walk to the gate, by the time we arrived, boarding was fully underway. There was a separate lane for business class passengers and we turned left as we entered the sparkling cabin and headed to seats 2A & 2C.

The business class cabin is split in two by the doorway, with three rows of seats in front of the door and two behind the door. Unlike other cabins we’re used to, the effect is one of vast spaciousness with beautiful colored lights..

Since I had the window seat I had access to the fun, tinted large windows as well as a little more privacy in the cabin.

Designer Style Seat Adjuster
The seat itself is forward facing, and reclines into a fully flat bed, fitted with massage functions and memory recall for favorite seat positions. The seats are pairs with  a center divider which holding a variety of storage holes, a tray table, cocktail table, IFE controller and in-seat charging.
Breakfast is Served
LAN offers the real deal of extras that makes a difference, from hot towels to welcome cocktails such as Pisco Sours. However it’s the smaller details that stood out, such as taking a breakfast order from us before we went to sleep so we didn’t have to fill in the form and kneeling next to us when speaking so we didn’t have to strain to maintain eye contact. 
Comfortable Seat with Large Tinted Windows
The entire way through the flight, the cabin crew was attentive and professional. On leaving the plane, hands were shaken and a warm smile greeted each passenger as they left the plane. This was a very nice 8.5 hour flight with a refreshing 6 hour sleep.

The Crew woke us gently and after breakfast we made our approach into Lima at around 24:00 hrs.

Highly recommended!
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