Sunday, October 11, 2015

MAP Café Cusco

Glass MAP Café
For fine dining in Cusco, it’s hard to beat the MAP Café by Chef Coque Ossio for having ambience and innovative Andean fusion cuisine. Its location right in the middle of Cusco’s best museum makes  it even better. 

Don’t be misled by the MAP Café’s location inside the Museo de Arte Precolombino. This is not like what you find in most museums. The MAP Café showcases one of the finest examples of Peruvian cuisine. The Café’s varied menu comes from the inspired mind of Chef Ossio.

When you enter the central courtyard of the museum, the Map Café appears as a beautifully constructed glass cube that is slightly elevated from the cobblestone courtyard.

In the evening, the interior of the cube is lit by beautiful candles that add to both the elegance and welcoming nature of the Café. The warm candles, the intimate tables, and the live Andean harp helps set the stage for unique fine dining. 

Mushroom Capchi before…
We began our experience with the signature dish Mushroom Capchi, a beautiful mushroom casserole with a croissant-like crust. You break the crust to experience the delicious mushroom stew.
Mushroom Capchi after

Andean Ceviche
We then had Andean Warm Shrimp Ceviche on the Rocks. This dish was literally served on the rocks, as a hot stone was placed perfectly in the middle of the dish. We also loved the Andean Green Cannelloni covered with a delicious sauce.

Andean Cannelloni

Peruvian Lamb
We  enjoyed a perfectly cooked dish of Peruvian Lamb placed on an Inca Corn side dish with a delicious sauce . We finished with a dessert course, that were hot chocolate truffles combined with an Andean fruit and a shot of pisco along with vanilla ice cream. It was so good.

If you are heading to Cusco in the future, MAP Cafe’s upscale fusion menu is perfect for a fine dining experience. The Menu is served Prix Fixe after 18:00 hrs.

Highly recommended!

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