Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Buckeye Roadhouse Oysters Bingo

Oysters Bingo is a fantastic northern California dish that is found at it’s best in the Historic Buckeye Roadhouse in Mill Valley, California.

The Buckeye's Oysters Bingo are allowed to shine in all their beautiful tender juicyness, but what makes these hot little mollusks so rich and tasty is the sauce they're covered in: a garlicky aioli with shards of fresh spinach. Broiled until hot and bubbly, they're rich, earthy, and addictive. The perfect accompaniment is an ice-cold martini, another delicacy the Buckeye excels at.
If you get a chance to visit the Buckeye, be sure to order Oysters Bingo, you won’t go wrong with it’s broiled garlicky, cheesy-oyster goodness!


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  2. Are the owners of this restaurant from ohio?