Monday, January 9, 2012

Fremont Diner II

Well, we finally made it for breakfast at the Fremont Diner. It’s on Hwy 121 in Sonoma CA. Right in the midst of wineries and tasting rooms. Good food in a good location out in the country.

The Fremont is an earthy gourmet California version of a Southern Country Diner. When you see the funky old truck parked in the front you know you’re in the right place. This place should be at the end of a dirt road, not on the highway between Napa and Sonoma. The crowd is a mixture of families, yuppies and hungry locals who order their standard fare when they sit down at the counter.
We got there early enough that we didn’t really need to wait for a table but shared one with a nice couple that we wound up having a great breakfast with. These people come here at least once a week, eat and then leave with a dozen freshly made dozen biscuits to-go that are the best. Rich and dense. Really good.

We ordered a couple of dishes that were fantastic. She had fresh, meaty beef and potato hash along with with a side of pancakes that was to die for. So much food that we brought it home with us and made dinner out of the left overs. I had a couple of country fresh, perfect sunny side up eggs with home made fennel sausage and cheddar cheese, buttered grits along with tasty hot sourdough wheat toast.
The Fremont Diner is a cool place to eat if you want a gourmet country breakfast or lunch. Highly Recommended!

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