Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fremont Diner

It was great to see our friend
Sopheap from Battambong, Cambodia. She wanted to see the wine country and also the historic Sonoma Square with all its history. We decided to stop on the way at the famed Fremont Diner on the way for lunch and it was a good idea.
The Fremont Diner is a Funky gourmet version of Southern Country Diner. When you see the earthy old truck parked in the front you know you’re in the right place. It should be at the end of a dirt road, not on the highway between Napa and Sonoma. The crowd is a mixture of families, yuppies and locals, who order their standards when they sit down.

Luckily, the crowd was small so it only took about 10 minutes to get a seat at the counter. On busy, hot summer days it can take up to a half hour and more. It's worth the wait. 
Sat down, looked over the menu and ordered a wonderful Pinot Noir and Cab blend that‘s on tap. Nice blend. Then had spicy Nashville Chicken on white bread which was spicy, greasy and good along with a fried chicken and waffle dish that was also delicious. The chicken was perfectly fried and battered and the waffle offered a slightly sweet and starchy compliment. Nice thin crispy waffle with moist chicken and real maple syrup. Perfect dish!
All in all the Fremont Diner is a cool place to eat with it's gourmet country food. It's the perfect stop while you're doing a day trip to Sonoma or Napa. Highly Recommended!

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