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St, Mary's circa 1867

Tucked away, among the rolling hills of West Marin County California, sits the quaint little village of Nicasio. Nicasio is a town that’s unspoiled and has not been changed too much by time. Nicasio was once home to the Coast Miwok village of Echatamal and likely named for the Tamal Indian leader, Guequistabal, who according to records at Mission Dolores, was baptized as Nicasio (for St. Nicasius) in 1802.
Nicasio school 1871
The early beginnings of Nicasio were led by European settlers that established dairies, saw mills, and fishing as the top industries. Soon a town square began to take shape, complete with a merchandise store, a butcher shop, two saloons, a racetrack, a livery stable, a Catholic church, and the luxurious three-story Hotel Nicasio, that was built in 1867 to accommodate the influx of new settlers and vacationers from San Francisco that arrived by stage coach. 
The Hotel Nicasio burned down in 1940 and a year later the Bar/ Restaurant Rancho Nicasio was built on the site of the old Hotel. Today, Rancho Nicasio is the focal point of the town square which now is left with only Old St. Mary’s, a general store, post office and a volunteer fire department. That’s all that's left for old Nicasio.
Drake's Bay Oysters with Asiago Cheese
Brisket Sandwich
The Rancho Nicasio is a happening restaurant-bar scene that features fantastic music in a fun rural atmosphere along with good beers on tap and outstanding local bands. It's worth getting on their mailing list, and it’s a great location to stop at as a destination or while traveling through West Marin. The crowd is mostly local and the Sunday afternoon shows in the summer are held outdoors with fresh barbecue and live music. It's a great place!
The Rancho is a destination not just for a drink, but an experience. Come alone, bring a date, bring a group of friends, but come… you can enjoy an adult beverage along with some good food and great entertainment. It’s an incredibly cool, hidden, off-the-beaten-path restaurant and nightclub. Check this place out. 
Highly recommended!

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