Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cline Cellars

Great Sonoma winery! Cline Cellars offers free wine tastings in the beautiful farmhouse along with having beautiful grounds that have a lake and a mission museum too. For us, Cline is always a definite stop when touring the area. The Cline family's zeal is reflected in the beautiful tasting area and the friendly staff. Their wines are also of a very high quality.
It's is on a main road to Sonoma though, so it can get busy. The staff did a very good job serving our tastings. They poured a Syrah that was great, both the regular and cool climate types that tried we side by side. Their whites were really delicious too; particularly an excellent, rare Marsanne-Rousanne.
We also loved the Mourvèdre Red! Tasty and delicious. Their regular wine tasting is free but their three reserves are $1 a glass that's waived if you buy a bottle.
The wines here are generally very good, and the pricing  is definitely right. I especially like the Ancient Vines Zinfandel. We will be back again very soon. Cline Cellars is a great place to visit! Highly recommended!

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